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About Planworks

At Planworks, we provide practical, innovative, sustainable and reliable land development policies, strategies, designs and projects. We have the requisite skills and experience in the field make us experts in the designing and management of projects.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy centres on the following simple and practical guiding principles:

  • Understanding the problem before jumping to a solution.
  • Distinguishing the problem from the symptoms surrounding it.
  • Defining requirements and outputs clearly, and obtaining stakeholder agreement.

Our Vision

To provide practical, innovative, efficient and reliable professional services to our clients.

Our Core Values

In pursuit of our mission, our company conducts business in accordance with the following founding core values:

Our Professional Membership

  • South African Council for Planners (SACPLAN)
  • South African Planning Institute (SAPI)
  • South African Association of Consulting Professional Planners (SAACPP)
  • Project Management South Africa (PMSA)

Our Strategic Planning

  • Integrated Development Plans
  • Spatial Development Plans
  • Strategic Land-Use Planning
  • Land-Use Management Schemes
  • Housing Sector Plans

Our Theoretical Analysis

In addition to solid technical proficiency, we put a lot of emphasis on sound project management in the conduct of our business. We believe that it is the essential ingredient in the formula for integrated and sustainable development. Town and land planning is an integral part of community growth. At Planworks, we provide the necessary management skills and knowledge to develop South Africa’s infrastructure into a successful one.